Kanban is more than moving sticky notes on a whiteboard

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Managing the flow of work is essential to timely delivery with the minimal investment

In our Kanban Management Professional (KMP1) course you will be invited into a deep dive into the Kanban method. We will address all the foundational principles and you will learn how to effectively put them into practice in your daily work. We will do simulations and exercises that will give you hands-on experiences so you can go do yourself afterwards. The training is also known as Kanban Systems Design (KSD).

What you get from the KMP1-course:

  • How to visualise work, identifying dysfunctions and issues

  • Balancing demand versus capacity

  • Working with shifting priorities

  • Dealing with interruptions and multi-tasking

  • Using metrics and charts to improve process and delivery

This course is designed for any professional who is responsible for product/project delivery or part of a delivery or service team. Kanban works across all levels of an organisation, from senior members of staff to members of delivery teams and is appropriate for anyone wishing to improve their working environment and delivery capability.

Scheduled trainings

Virtual, October 10., 11. and 12. 2022 with Russell HillEUR 1.195Buy now
Berlin, November 29. and 30. 2022 with Russell HillEUR 1.395Buy now
Virtual, December 12., 13. and 14. 2022 with Russell HillEUR 1.195Buy now

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